Automatic polishing machine
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polishing width 300-1250mm
polishing thickness 15-50mm
belt adv speed 800-3700mm
polishing head motor 7.5kw ×16 heads
total motor 120kw
weight 15t
water consumption 15m³/h
size 7800 × 2100 × 2200mm
frequency converter Schneider (Germany)
PLC system Omron (Japan)
contactor Shihlin Electric (Taiwan)
switch SIEMENS (Germany)
rails HI-WIN (Taiwan)
This machine suitable for polishing Granite slabs or strips. Use the PLC system and liquid crystal display screen menu offer intelligent control. Establish Auto-dodging function and shape memory function. allocation of the abrasive consumption equip. which has high automation operation and low labor the strength. Allocation the flexibility Resin polishing heads. Prominent improvement in the polishing efficiency and polishing quality and greatly reduced abrasive consumption. Using the most advanced high-quality construction, rational structure. high stability and efficiency and energy-saving operation. The power movement of polishing heads using the spread-allied set, to improve slab flatness, reduce movement consumption, and enhanced the longer working life. We can do the machines according to the client's requirements, like the number of heads, processing width, and length.