Business Type:,Trade company,
Main Products:Stone machinery, kerbstone/curbstone/paver stone/roadside stone, stone cutting machine, stone processing equipment, stone environmental protection equipment, marble, granite
Date of establishment:2017-02-15

DAFON is a professional stone machine factory that integrates design, manufacture, and trading as one. We mainly produce a multiblade stone cutting machine(especially for curbstone/kerbstone/cobblestone etc), infrared edge cutting machine, automatic line polishing machine, full automatic edge cutting machine line, multiblade stone block cutter, quarry mining machine and all sorts of stone cutting and processing machines. We also bring in new technology on manufacturing environment-friendly equipment, such as a wastewater recycling system, stone dust vacuum cleaner, etc. Based on industrial cluster advantage, we offer one-stop stone cutting product solutions for free to our customers including guidance for mine planning, technical consultant, technical output, equipment and tools purchase, guidance for factory construction, etc.

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Binjiang Industrial Zone, Nan\'an, Fujian, China